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High quality prints to order, Printed on high quality art paper.


A collection of fine paintings produced by talented local artists. 

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High quality hand forged and polished works created by our resident Blacksmith Anthony Fitzgerald.

Our Story

Under the direction of Abstract Artist and Illustrator Jillian Ashworth, The Old Lithgow Pottery has been reimagined as an eclectic art space for local artists.

Jillian was the long time student of the acclaimed Antony Symons whose collection fills the historical spaces of the Pottery. 

The Pottery also hosts artist Anthony Fitzgerald who is the amazingly skilled resident blacksmith. 

Also calling the Pottery home is the talented and Abstract Artist Ashlee Bucholtz, and emerging young Artists Lily Hasler whose work shows an understanding of the Anatomy beyond her years.


You can also find  selected works by lauded Australian artist Chris Johnson.

The Pottery holds regular classes and events such as Bottle and Brush, Blacksmithing and Sea Shanty Club which are open to all.

Contact Jill on 0413573628 to arrange a tour, make a booking or to find out about upcoming events. 

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Our online store is designed with one focus and that is to support the Artist directly, meaning your purchase goes 100% back to the Artist, which enables them to keep creating. When purchasing the work of the late Australian Artist Antony Symons , you are supporting the sustainability of the Pottery.

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